A Lighter Look At Meat Cookery


Basic Low-Calorie Meat Cookery

There are two basic methods for cooking meats; dry heat and moist,but for in-expensive and calorie saving cuts, moist heat should be used. These less tender cuts are chuck and  round pot roast, brisket, stew meat, and some steaks. Low in-calorie tenderloin steaks, skirt and flank steaks. ground round and bottom round roast can be cooked using dry heats methods of cooking. Use the chart above as a guide in trying out these flavorful  cuts. 


Dry Heat Methods 

Broiling Grilling Pan frying/Stir frying



Depending on the thickness of the cut, place beef on rackin broiler pan 2 to 5 inches from heat.

2.   Broil until meat is brown on one side.

3. Turn and broil second side until done.

4. Season each side after browning, if desired.


Pan Frying

1.Place meat on heavy preheated flat grill. (Lightly grease surface for lean cuts)                                                                                                                                                                

2. Cook slowly, turning occasionally.

3. Scrape fat from grill as it accumulates.

4. Brown meat on both sides.

5. Cook to desired doneness. Season as desired.

Stir Frying

1. Place beef in small amount of heated oil.

2. Do not cover.

3. Cook at moderate temperature or pan frying; high temperature

for stir frying.

4. Brown on both sides for pan frying; turn meat pieces over

continuously for stir frying.

5. Season as desired.

6. Remove from pan and serve at once.


Moist Heat Methods: Braising

In the oven

1. Brown beef in small amount of oil in heavy cooking pot.

2. Pour off excess drippings.

3. Season as desired

4. Add small amount of , (stock, wine or water).

5. Cover tightly.

6. Cook at low temperature on top of range or in oven until tender.


Top of the range in a covered skillet

l. Coat meat with seasonings desired.

2. Brown meat on all sides in oil, if desired

3. Cover meat with liquid. Cover pan lightly, pan tightly.

4. Simmer until tender.

Add vegetables just long enough to be cooked before serving




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