Holiday Specials


Mocha Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake (10″)    A rich buttery and moist cake. A showstopper for a holiday party or a light dessert after a heavy meal. $10.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Lemon Pound Cake with Apricot Cognac Glaze    $12.00

Chocolate Decadence Cake (9 “)   Inspired by the old-school, ultra-rich, mousse like chocolate cake.  $12.00                                         

Creole Applesauce Cake  9″ x 13″  A dark date-nut cake with marinated raisins and dates. Good replacement for holiday fruit cake $12.00

NY Lemon Cheese Cake with Strawberry Topping  9″ 10.00


Texas Pecan Pie $10.00

Southern Double Peach Cobbler (special request)


Banana Nut 4″ x 5″ loaf    $ 6.00

Sweet Potato 4″ x 5″ loaf $6.00


Madelines ( a light shortbread cookie; staple of French bakeries)  $7.00 dozen

Note: The items listed above are just a small variety of bakery items from Bread & Butter Epicurean. If don’t see an item that you like to have, contact us.

City Country Jams 

Holiday Gift Baskets

One Jar Gift Set  (1 jar) City Country Jam attractively packaged for the holidays ; along with  2 servings of English Breakfast Tea; (2) servings  Instant Hot Cocoa.   (1) loaf Banana Nut Bread (8″x 3″). $15.00     Two jar gift set $22.50

City Country Jam attractively packaged for your gift giving.

City Country Georgia Peach with Vanilla and Grand Mainer 12 ounces $9.95   citycountrynewpic.

City Country Strawberry Fusion  12ozs. $9.95  8ozs. $6.95                                                                                                                                      

City Country Raspberry  with Framboise (raspberry liqueur) 8ozs. $6.95                                                                                                           

City Country Raspberry with Grand Mainer ( peach,raspberry and orange cognac)  8ozs $7.95

City Country Marion Blackberry Jam  12ozs.  $9.95

Food Services (Holiday Special 20% off of all Food Services Through 12/15/2016. Includes all menus and services offered by Bread & Butter Epicurean.

Traveling Chef: Bread & Butter will do the shopping, prepare the food in your home and the cleanup (we bring our own pots and pans). If you don’t have enough plates and goblets we can supplyHarvest feast that too. Too busy to prepare for that office pot luck party…you name the dish and we’ll prepare it.

DIY Catering: Bread & Butter will assist you in planning a menu, preparing the market list, and assist you in preparing the dining event. You’ll have a complete dining experience and we’ll be gone before your guests arrive. Also, if you have had bad luck with pot luck, call B&BE. You call it and we’ll fix it



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